Base Wars

Patch Notes

1.2.0- Armory Units Update


The Armory units have been reworked to be more win-conditionish! Each also has a unique attribute.
Each unit the Axeman kills restores it 10 HP

After attacking, the Gunman must reload for 1 full turn
Accordingly, the Gunman's range and damage recieved major boosts!

The Lanceman recieved a new ability: Decisive Stance!
Decisive Stance gives the Lanceman a defensive buff for the turn, halving all incoming damage.
Using Decisive Stance disables Decisive Strike (Lanceman attack) for the turn, and vice versa.

1.1.0- Tier 3 Update


A lot of the Tier 3 (endgame) units were simply too expensive to reasonably use. Their prices and overall stats have been adjusted to give them a better role in the meta.


This patch irons out many of the bugs present in 1.0.0. Additionally, it (re)introduces texture pack support, including 4 existing packs!

1.0.0- Website Launch


Before this update, everyone had to redownload the game every time it updated. Now, you download a launcher, which should automatically download any updates!


Base Wars now has a complete soundtrack!! A huge shoutout to Jerry Bear Music for incredible composition on this. (Also, there's a lot more Sound Effects.)


A lot of the visuals were clean, but plain. I added some grit to a lot of the backgrounds to give it a more 3D feel. Also, the game itself is 3D now!


We discovered the Armory Units were absolutely busted. I reduced their health universally; you should be able to kill them eventually.
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Base Wars is a PvP Turn Based Strategy game themed around RTS games.
Expand your economy, build an army, and crush your opponents in this simple yet expansive Strategy environment!

It currently has a Campaign mode, vs AI, local Multiplayer, and online Multiplayer.
The Campaign and Matchmaking features are still under development; Expect many updates to come!

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