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Patch Notes

1.3.0- The Vortex Update

Lots of changes in this one! Optimizations behind the scenes, a new building, and many balance changes....



The Laboratory has definitely been the worst Tier 2 building so far. All of the Lab troops are getting reworks and minor buffs to hopefully help this.
To start out, the Laboratory is getting the Invisibility Spell ability from the Warlock, which now costs 20 Minerals to cast.
The Warlock build time is now down 4 -> 3 turns, and costs 100 -> 90 Minerals. It lost the Invisibility Spell ability, so this should be fair.
The Necromancer's also getting some buffs, with a cost down 70 -> 60 Minerals and an attack range 5 -> 6. The Aura upgrade never saw any use, so it's being removed and we're giving Necromancer Aura a range buff, 6 -> 9. Also, Skeleton attack damage is 20 -> 25.
Finally, introducing the Vortex! Built in 2 Turns/40 Minerals from the Pegasus Rider (which now 30 -> 40 Minerals), the Vortex can store troops in an alternate dimension, allowing any other Vortex to summon them. Try it out!


The Guild's at a very strong place right now, so these are just tweaks to round out the units.
The Tower is a strong defensive building, so the build time is going from 2 to 3 Turns. Its vision is now reworked, with a base sight range 12 -> 6. In exchange, it now has a range 14 passive that shows the hitbox of any hidden (stealthed or out of vision) units.
The Cultist hasn't seen much love, so its cost is 60 -> 50 Minerals. Also, its Melee attack has been upgraded into a Magic attack! This is balanced out with a damage nerf. Poison damage has gone from 40, -5 (40 damage first turn, 35 next, 30 next, etc) to 40, -10 (40, 30, 20, 10).
Carrier's a versatile and threatening support unit. Its build time is now 2 -> 3 Turns.

Shooting Range

Shooting Range is also quite meta, and will only get better with Lab buffs. Here are some changes to decrease the power of the more degenerate strategies.
Rocketman landmines no longer explode if killed during construction. This reduces Rocketmans's camping abilities.
Increased the reinforcement increment on Mortar. It was too easy to set up and shut down entire portions of maps.


Important: The Tier 2 -> Tier 3 progression has been reworked! Before, Guild unlocked Fleet Beacon, Lab unlocked Dojo, and Range unlocked Wizard Tower. Now, Guild unlocks Dojo, Lab unlocks Wizard tower, and Range unlocks Fleet Beacon. This lines up the Tier 3's with the Tier 2's, making attack upgrades even more beneficial.
Builder Build Range tech -> Build Range tech (now applies to all Unit build ranges)
Dimensional Rift cost 300 -> 200 Minerals. 300 was insane, and nobody really got to it anyways.

Map Pool

J-Rex has been putting in some extra time on the maps! Runner and Zip have recieved significant revisions.

1.2.0- Armory Units Update


The Armory units have been reworked to be more win-conditionish! Each also has a unique attribute.
Each unit the Axeman kills restores it 10 HP

After attacking, the Gunman must reload for 1 full turn
Accordingly, the Gunman's range and damage recieved major boosts!

The Lanceman recieved a new ability: Decisive Stance!
Decisive Stance gives the Lanceman a defensive buff for the turn, halving all incoming damage.
Using Decisive Stance disables Decisive Strike (Lanceman attack) for the turn, and vice versa.

1.1.0- Tier 3 Update


A lot of the Tier 3 (endgame) units were simply too expensive to reasonably use. Their prices and overall stats have been adjusted to give them a better role in the meta.


This patch irons out many of the bugs present in 1.0.0. Additionally, it (re)introduces texture pack support, including 4 existing packs!

1.0.0- Website Launch


Before this update, everyone had to redownload the game every time it updated. Now, you download a launcher, which should automatically download any updates!


Base Wars now has a complete soundtrack!! A huge shoutout to Jerry Bear Music for incredible composition on this. (Also, there's a lot more Sound Effects.)


A lot of the visuals were clean, but plain. I added some grit to a lot of the backgrounds to give it a more 3D feel. Also, the game itself is 3D now!


We discovered the Armory Units were absolutely busted. I reduced their health universally; you should be able to kill them eventually.
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Base Wars is a PvP Turn Based Strategy game themed around RTS games.
Expand your economy, build an army, and crush your opponents in this simple yet expansive Strategy environment!

It currently has a Campaign mode, vs AI, local Multiplayer, and online Multiplayer.
The Campaign and Matchmaking features are still under development; Expect many updates to come!

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